Anki reviews are more fun on mobile

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For reasons I don't yet understand, I find Anki reviews to be much more fun/motivating on a mobile device than on my laptop, even though I prefer my laptop for almost everything (and even dislike mobile devices in general!).

AnkiDroid also seems to have gotten better in the last few years, as it now supports MathJax out of the box.

The one exception to this is proof cards: these require substantially more writing than any of my small cards so I can't do these even with my tablet.

Update: now I'm not finding it as fun, and having the mobile app around has not helped me clear through a backlog of cards. So maybe it was just a novelty effect.

Update 2: I think part of the reason is that AnkiDroid got slower and this lag is actually annoying enough that it makes reviews less fun.