AI safety lacks a space to ask stupid or ballsy questions

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(this page assumes that asking stupid or ballsy questions is important for learning/making intellectual progress)

I think the way that voting and crossposting work on LessWrong and the Alignment Forum significantly reduces the number of stupid or ballsy questions people can ask. (I mean stuff like there being downvotes, and how it feels bad when something isn't "good enough" to be crossposted to Alignment Forum, how it feels bad when a nitpick reply gets more upvotes than your OP.) I like asking these questions, but I feel like there's a ton of work involved in making these publicly acceptable. If I have 50 such questions (I'm sure I've written down at least 50 questions like this), I'm only posting like 5 of them on the internet, because it takes a lot of mental energy to simulate people's reactions, making it palatable to would-be-downvoters, etc. I feel like this significantly reduces my learning rate.