Tips for reviving a spaced repetition practice

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  • Continually make new cards: Making new cards about things I was currently learning/excited about -- somehow, having some new cards makes the older "stale" cards more tolerable
    • I also made a totally new deck called "Fresh" to add these new cards to, instead of using my existing decks.
  • Liberally suspend cards: Suspending a bunch of cards that felt too difficult (indicating my encoding of the material into prompts wasn't very good)
  • Reviewing a bunch of kanji cards (these felt easy and like I could do them at a rapid pace, and seeing the review count go up felt encouraging, even though I don't normally like to just "make the number go up" as that leads to Goodharting)
  • Making Anki more social -- making cards with other people (e.g. while working through a book together), reviewing their cards, making cards for other people
  • Using filtered decks to "grab" cards I was more interested in reviewing (this requires having some sensible tagging system/organization into decks, so that you can grab the more interesting cards)
    • This can work both positively and negatively: you can grab cards that are overdue so you don't encounter them (i.e. negatively: take away cards you don't want), and also grab cards by tag that you want to review (positively: grab cards that you want).
  • Committing to review a small number of cards per day (10 cards in my case)

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