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This page is about The Witness, the video game designed by Jonathan Blow.

I've considered playing The Witness, but for now I've decided not to for two main reasons:

  • I'm busy with a bunch of things, and I'm not sure The Witness is good enough to justify me spending less time on the things I am already doing. (I like the idea of the puzzles, but I feel like I already get the same sort of things out of studying math, and feel like learning math makes my life better in ways that the artificial puzzles of The Witness wouldn't.)
  • Even watching some let's play videos makes me feel car sick. I'm not sure I can play the game for more than five minutes without feeling nauseous, which seems extremely annoying. There are apparently patches to the game to help deal with this problem, but I don't want to pay for the game only to find out I can't actually play it due to nausea. (maybe there's some demo version I can play to test the patches out)

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