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Here are some shortcuts for SuperMemo. Most of them were introduced to me by Raj on our first tutorial call.

Things I use in almost every study session:

  • Alt-x -- extract the highlighted text
  • Alt-p -- modify priority. For priority, use 33 for highly applicable, 66 for interesting but not necessarily immediately applicable, and 88 for probably kinda useless but might be worth exploring later
  • Ctrl-Shift-r/Ctrl-j (these two are subtly different) -- set when you will next see the article/set the initial interval
  • Alt-t -- use highlighted text for title
  • Alt-q -- use highlighted text for metadata
  • Ctrl-F7 -- set readpoint (I've found that my readpoint is more reliably saved if I do this before switching to the next item (with Enter), unless that last action I did was to create an extract (rather than just reading), in which case the readpoint is set automatically)
  • Ctrl-F5 -- apply default layout (for some reason SuperMemo keeps reverting to an odd layout every time I reopen it)
  • Ctrl-d -- dismiss element (you won't see it during reviews, but it will not be deleted)
  • Ctrl-n -- create a new item by pasting in whatever is on your clipboard (if you don't want to paste in anything, use Alt-n instead)

Things I use much more rarely:

  • Alt-z -- create cloze deletion
  • q -- takes you into editing mode
  • F6 -- applies a filter to the HTML to clean it up
  • Ctrl-F8 -- then check, to process images to be saved in sidebar
  • Shift-Ctrl-m -- choose template to use
  • Shift-Ctrl-a -- imports from IE; check article, then check "close browser" (Alt-c); then import
  • Ctrl-Shift-p -- change concept; Alt-g to change group
  • Ctrl-Enter -- SuperMemo commander; then type split
  • Ctrl-Space -- priorities view for spreading; click on subset you want to spread first
  • Ctrl-Shift-h -- see how many times I have reviewed this item and the review history. The bottom-most row is created at import time, so the actual number of reviews is one less than the number of rows.
  • Ctrl-f -- search across the text of all articles you have imported so far
  • Alt-shift-a -- ('Use' tab at top, then 'Priority protection' tab at bottom) -- allows you to see how much of your outstanding items/topics you have done (it shows you the lowest priority you got done, so that you know you didn't get to any items with lower priority)

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