Spaced inbox review should not be completionist or obligatory

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Seeing the number of cards that are due in Anki feels oppressive... like, "i have all these cards due and that means i'm not even meeting the 90% retention rate!!!" or something. and who knows, maybe this kind of oppression is actually a good thing for knowledge retention (though I doubt it). But it's totally the WRONG mental state to be in when you are trying to create new ideas, which is the whole point of having a spaced writing inbox. Spaced inbox review should instead be going like "given that i have such and such limited amount of time to review, what are the BEST NOTES to be spending the review time on?" It doesn't matter if there's a ton of other notes you haven't reviewed in a long time -- you'll get to them eventually, and if you ever recall them, you can just search for them yourself and build on them.

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