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Some ideas for a spaced inbox app that I might make in the future.

tagging seems important. and schedule changes based on tags. e.g. i think having todo items in spaced inbox is good, so that you can work through lower priority items at longer intervals. for this, you could do like #todo or whatever, and it would get the "todo item review schedule", which might be different from an #idea or a #readlater or #quote. it doesn't have to be called "tags"; just some way to have separate scheduling.

another important thing is to be able to have separate topics, like my default inbox vs ai safety vs day job.

i had the idea that one's LW shortform feed could act as one's spaced inbox -- just build your own UI and interact with LW using the API. the problem is that posting to LW might be scary for some ppl (including me) and the whole point of spaced inbox is to make the note-taking process friction-free.

some kind of "all notes" view that just lists things chronologically either by creation timestamp or last modification timestamp. Roam has this too if you go to

my current "spaced inbox" in inbox.txt has _only_ this view. but there should also be a default "inbox" view. sort of like how gmail has both inbox and 'all mail'.

essential features/"main modes" for a note taking/spaced inbox app?

  • daily notes/org capture/wordpress p2 theme/single place where new thoughts go in, with ability to just scroll through most recent notes
  • inbox feature, where the stuff to review shows up all in one place
  • web of concepts/pages that are [[wikilinked]] together