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A pivotal act is (putting down my guess here) something that allows a single entity (?) to take over the world? form a singleton? prevent others from taking over the world or forming a singleton or achieving AGI?

things to clarify: is pivotal act only for "good" actors, or does it also include destroying the world? also pivotal capability vs pivotal act

according to some views of AI takeoff, a pivotal act is an important part of the plan for preventing existential doom from AI.


  • "Build self-replicating open-air nanosystems and use them (only) to melt all GPUs."[1]
  • Make progress on the full (i.e. not restricted to a limited AI system like present-day systems or minimal AGI) alignment problem faster than humans can[2]


  • make dramatic progress in proving mathematical theorems (without explaining the results to humans) -- not a pivotal capability because it's unclear how to perform a pivotal act[3]

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