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On this page, I want to keep a list of experiments that I have tried or am currently trying with Anki. These experiments aren't formal (I don't do any rigorous data collection or blinding or randomizing or anything like that); instead, they're just ideas I have or read about and decided was worth trying for a while to see whether it worked.

Name Description Result
Writing down answers on a piece of paper
circling things on paper to flag things that need to be fixed [1]
Linked list to remember lists (e.g. linked list proof card) e.g. to memorize A, B, C, you have the cards (blank)->A, A->B, then B->C, and maybe also a card that asks the length of the list.
Cumulative prompts to remember lists e.g. to memorize A, B, C, you have the cards (blank)->A, A->B, (A,B)->C.
Central node trick for remembering equivalent properties
Full proof cards The front side is a theorem statement or exercise description, and the back side is the full proof or exercise solution.
Poor man's incremental reading
Adding not-fully-digested quotes or online comments
Cloze deletion for quotes/definitions
burying cards to speed up review [2]
repositioning non-cloze cards periodically so they get processed sooner [3] I eventually moved away from cloze cards in general.
Orphan cards as alarm clocks [4]
mixing in reviews during the day rather than doing all reviews at night still haven't really tried this; I do my reviews before going to sleep
entering in cards for some definitions/theorems in a single card, and for some as multiple cards, and seeing which are more fun to review/result in remembering things better
One-sentence summary card
Reverse side card for everything

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