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"Eliezer: Well, people have tried raising chimps in human surroundings, and they absorbed this mysterious capacity for abstraction that sets them apart from other chimps. There's this wonderful book about one of these chimps, Kanzi was his name. Very, very famous chimpanzee, probably the world's most famous chimpanzee, and probably the world's smartest chimpanzee as well. They were trying to teach his mother to do these human things. He was just a little baby chimp, he was watching. He picked stuff up. It's amazing, but nonetheless he did not go on to become the world's leading chimpanzee scientist using his own chimpanzee abilities separately."[1]

"I recommend Terrence Deacon’s The Symbolic Species for some good discussion of the surprising importance of the shallow algorithms and parameters that can get transmitted culturally. The human-raised chimpanzee Kanzi didn’t become a human, because that takes deeper and more neural algorithms than imitating the apes around you can transmit, but Kanzi was a lot smarter than other chimpanzees in some interesting ways."[2]