Importance of knowing about AI takeoff

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Importance of knowing about AI takeoff is about the "so what?" of knowing which AI takeoff scenario will happen. How will our actions change if we expect a FOOM or a continuous takeoff or some other scenario?

  • Weight on AI prepping: In a FOOM scenario it is unlikely that there are any selfish actions that benefit individuals, so one should shift those resources into either altruistic actions (like helping with alignment) or short-term consumption. In contrast, with more continuous takeoff, AI prepping becomes relatively more important.
  • Working to mitigate specific threats: e.g. if one expects AI-powered propaganda to be a thing during AI takeoff, then it makes sense to spend time thinking about it now.
  • Under some scenarios we should expect to see warning shots/early misalignment, whereas in others we should expect a treacherous turn. This has consequences for how careful we should be about alignment/how much of an "on-paper understanding" we should have about alignment.

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