Finding the right primitives for spaced repetition responses

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incremental reading in SM doesn't distinguish between "i don't want to read this because i'm just not in a mathy mood right now" and "i don't want to read this because i've thought about it but don't have any thoughts on it". this means if you skip an item that you haven't seen in a long time, just because you happened to not be in the mood for it, you might not see the item for like 3 years or w/e.

I've written similar things about spaced inbox. i don't think we "know the right primitives" yet when it comes to interacting with these notes/items.

i feel like when incremental reading, or for my IR anki deck, there are two primitive operations you do while reading: (1) i think this is important/i want to remember it, and (2) i don't quite understand this, i want to come back to this. for (2), there is no sense that the thing is actually important; it might just be a dumb point but stated in a very confusing manner.

Now the question is: does it make sense to treat these two differently? i think one way that makes sense is with the default initial interval. for (2), i think the interval can be much longer, because it might require quite a bit of time before you have enough new background knowledge to be able to understand something.

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