Discontinuities in usefulness of whole brain emulation technology

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Even Robin Hanson admits that whole brain emulations would result in a foom-ish/local outcome:

"""Eliezer: Right. So, in other words, we get a centralized economic shock, because there's a curve here that has a little step function in it. If I can step back and describe what you're describing on a higher level of abstraction, you have emulation technology that is being developed all over the world, but there's this very sharp threshold in how well the resulting emulation runs as a function of how good your emulation technology is. The output of the emulation experiences a sharp threshold.

Robin: Exactly."""[1]

Now I'm curious if Paul would also take this position wrt WBE. because it seems like the general argument of "before someone makes a good version of a thing, they make a crappy version of it" would also apply to WBE?

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