Setting up Windows

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  • Emacs: need to use weird trick so that opening from task bar doesn't leave the blank console open; magit doesn't work so I gave up and am using git bash
  • neovim: still haven't figured out how to change the home dir. I've just been using vim via git bash for now.
  • git bash: .minttyrc for colorscheme (I wish the UI explained this rather than just sending you to some random website; also the "data:" url on that site didn't work on firefox). had to right click on taskbar icon, then right click again and go to properties and add the --cd-to-home flag for it to open the terminal in the home dir.
  • Anki: getting the v2.1 scheduler thing nagging me every time I open it.
  • for running linux-only programs like newsboat, I've been using vmware player after trying that and virtualbox (couldn't easily screen resolution, and didn't see any advantages) and hyper-v (cursor was laggy and I supposedly need to install via the pre-approved Ubuntu versions to get it to not lag).