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A spaced repetition deck has cards varying in difficulty. One problem you might have is that because there are these more effortful cards, you might be tempted to skip reviewing for a day. This could snowball into a huge number of cards that need to be reviewed.

One way to mitigate this problem is to bury the most effortful cards, so that you can clear out the easy cards.

one day i got busy reading things and so procrastinated on doing my anki reviews. finally it was nearing 1am and i'm like "ugh, well maybe i can just do the ones that don't require a pencil and paper, and just bury the cards that require paper". i did that, and ended up spending only 14 mins on reviews, and reviewed 94 cards. the reviews felt really easy too! i guess maybe the ones that require writing are just much harder or something. or maybe the transition from screen to paper to screen is somehow bad on my attention? it's pretty weird how easy the review felt.

On the other hand, i really don't know how to convert the pencil-paper cards to not use paper. for example, i just don't trust myself to write kanji "in my head" and be able to check with the answer. same with complicated definitions (e.g. nested quantifiers). for these cases, i think my current system (where i test the whole definition at once) is the best. like it makes sure i actually know the whole thing.

so my main takeaway i guess is that if review seems tedious, just skip the cards that make you struggle!

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