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A big card is an Anki card that takes a long time to review (say, longer than 1 minute). This is in contrast to small cards which can be reviewed in a small amount of time (in seconds).

over time, i've come to make my math anki cards much bigger than a simple query, where i actually have to write things down on paper most of the time. i think with super simple queries, you're not testing whether you can actually produce the whole definition. same with cloze deletions. it feels like you have little fragments in memory that are only there because of the context provided. you have no guarantee that you can actually write the whole thing down on command. maybe it's best to have both kinds, where you start out with the easy fragments, and after you've mastered that, you're given the "full load" to memorize. but that seems tricky/time consuming to me, so i'm just going with the full load at the start.

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